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The Crew is an open world racing video game where you select a crew to drive around America. The game can be played single player and multi-player.

Build a crew of four and take your crew across America completing missions, mini games, collecting items, racing, hiding, following and driving from coast to coast in stunning locations and spectacular cars.

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Complete missions alone, with your friends online or with online co-op matching.

In one of the missions “Go To” you have to get from one place to another in a short space of time searching for the best route to get you to your destination looking out for short cuts and sometimes you have to get your car there in mint condition.

In “Collect” you need to go pick up items that are scattered all over within your the allotted time.

The single player part of The Crew is 20 hours long and you will find yourself trying to infiltrate criminal gangs.


  • PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Single player, Multi-player
  • Open world racing game


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