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Aliens colonial marines is a first person shooter, your role is that of corporal Christopher Winter a US colonial marine who is part of a search and rescue team, set after the events of the aliens films, and after the death of Ellen Ripley.

Christopher Winter and his team are investigating an incident on LV-426 this leads them to the ruined colony of Hadleys hope, the crew of the USS Sulaco have not been heard from for 17 days and Christopher Winter and his team are sent in to find out what happened but what starts out as a rescue mission soon turns into a fight for survival.



The game features four characters from the films Sgt Apone, Cpl Hicks, Pvt Hudson and Pvt Drake.

The main enemies are the Xenomorphs from the films but there are some new Aliens not seen before, not all your enemies will be Aliens there will be some human enemies too so you will need to watch your back.

The game features three multiplayer modes, team deathmatch, Escape, and Extermination. The game also features co-op mode, if you are finding the game difficult you can call in your friends and ask for help.

You can upgrade your weapons along the game to give you better advantage and you can unlock more weapons and armour.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Alien series
  • Single player, Multi-player and co-op


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