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Project cars 2 is motorsport racing simulator video game featuring over 180 exciting licenced cars developed by Slightly mad studios. It features single player and multiplayer modes.

Project Cars 2 is created by gamers and has been tested by world class racing drivers and has many different cars it features GT cars and touring cars, it has prototypes to try test and exotic hypercars. It has the largest track roster of any racing game.

 at The Game Collection - £14.95
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 at Smyths Toys - £21.99PS4 £21.99 Free Delivery Yes Buy Now
 at Zavvi - £25.99
PS4 £25.99 Free Delivery Yes Buy Now
 at Smyths Toys - £21.99Xbox One £21.99 Free Delivery Yes Buy Now
 at - £24.48
Xbox One £24.48 Free Delivery Yes Buy Now
 at Zavvi - £27.99
Xbox One £27.99 Free Delivery Yes Buy Now
 at The Game Collection - £28.95
Xbox One £28.95 Free Delivery No More Info

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You are able to race without boundaries meaning that you will be able to race at any time using any car that you want experiencing real driving conditions day or night wet or dry. You get to try out clean tracks, dirt tracks and feel the ice, tarmac or dirt under your wheels. You can race a full 24 hour cycle in real time feeling weather and temperature changes, experience all four seasons.

The game has recreated conditions specific to certain times of year, thunder and snow. Show off your skills in intense competitions to become a Motorsport hero. Compete Online against your friends in all new championships. You have a choice of 182 cars from 38 manufacturers from many different race car classes on 46 tracks.


  • PS4 and Xbox
  • Racing
  • Single player / Online Multi player
  • Live track


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