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The new Nintendo 3DS introduces 3D gaming, without the need for special glasses. Following on from the hugely popular DSi the 3DS has to be seen to be believed. All the features you love have been tweaked and improved. The new 3DS boasts better controls, more power and improved 3D. The new 3DS has better stability than the old one and has the ability to correct itself when you move. It has a second analogue stick called the C-stick and has two extra shoulder buttons.The ZR and ZL.

As with previous DS models the 3DS features two screens, the bottom screen is a touch screen but it's the top screen that works the 3D magic. The Nintendo 3DS has a host of other features including a 360 degree Circle Pad control, motion and gyro sensors and 3 cameras.


The Nintendo 3DS is the worlds first glasses free handheld 3D games console.

The 3DS has two screens.

The top screen is used to display the 3D effects, there is a depth slider on the right hand side which lets the player select the level of 3D effect to be displayed. This allows the 3D effect to be set to full or a lower setting or even switched off altogether.

The bottom screen is an LCD touch screen

The new 3DS is customisable so you can make it look how you want to with interchangeable cover plates in various colours and featuring many of your favourite Nintendo characters, Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Luigi, Paper Mario and many more.

It is also compatible with amiibo, there is an area at the bottom of the screen for NFC reading and writing functions so that you can use amiibo compatible software.

Another new addition to the new 3DS is SNES style buttons in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow making it look very different to the old 3DS. As with the old 3DS the new 3DS is compatible with old DS and DSI games.


  • Next generation handheld
  • Worlds first 3D gaming
  • Better controls
  • Customisable
  • Backwards compatible


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