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Beyond: Two Souls is a Playstation only game it is an interactive drama action-adventure video game from makers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream. It is a psychological thriller.

The game has two playable characters Jodie Holmes and her friend Aiden. Create your own story as your decisions affect the outcome of your game.



Beyond two souls follows the story of Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) and her friend, the mysterious entity Aiden. 

The game focuses on Jodies relationship with Aiden who is invisible so nobody knows what he looks like. In a picture drawn by Jodie as a child Aiden is drawn as a black squiggle bound to Jodie with a cord. 

The game follows Jodie from age 8 to 23 as she discovers more about Aiden who has been with her throughout her life. Jodie is helped by Government scientist and surrogate father Nathan (Willem Dafoe).


  • PS3 exclusive
  • Cross between game and hollywood blockbuster movie
  • From developer Quantic Dream


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