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Bioshock Infinite is the third in the hugely popular Bioshock series, set in 1912 in the floating city of Columbia. You play as 37 year old Booker DeWitt. Booker has been given the task of finding a woman called Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has been living in Columbia, kept in confinement by a creature called songbird, since the age of five, but despite being made to keep her in prison the songbird has been her only company and become her friend and protector.



Bioshock Infinite is quite different to the previous games, the game is not set in Rapture but is set in an airborne city called Columbia with lots of open spaces.

You will again gain powers and abilities throughout the game by using Vigors and Nostrums found over the city of Columbia.

The choices you make will have consequences. Once you find Elizabeth she will accompany you around various parts of the game, Elizabeth has her own abilities that will compliment the abilities of Dewitt. You cannot directly control Elizabeth but she will react to the situation you find yourself in.

There are several enemies including Handyman, Handyman like the Big Daddies from the previous games is a human bonded into a mechanical suit.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Bioshock Series
  • First person shooter


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