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The story of brink is set on the ark. The Ark is a floating city, just off the coast of San Francisco and is home to scientists. It was supposed to be an island for sustainable living. The ark is in total isolation, and its resources are dwindling.

The glaciers melted, and the sea levels rose in the surrounding areas, so people had to flee. It was supposed to hold 5000 people but ended up with 50,000, so with the lack of supplies the inhabitants are very unhappy.



Brink is set in the near future. Due to the immense numbers on the ark there is a power struggle and you need to make the decision where you stand as either a member of the Resistance or Security.

You can choose which class you play, the soldier, the medic, the engineer and the operative.

You can play brink, single player, co-op or multiplayer, up to 16 players can play together online. You can switch between playing single player and co-op whenever you want.

Brink is available for the pc ps3 and Xbox 360


  • Immersive first-person shooter.
  • Single player, co-op and multiplayer.
  • Mulitiple player classes.
  • Available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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