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Adam Jensen is the main character of Duce ex. set in 2027 25 years before Deus ex. Adam is ex SWAT and is now a private security officer chosen to look out for the scientists at sarif industries. Injured following an attack on the company, he must use augmentation to survive a conspiracy.



As a private security officer with Sarif Industries, chosen to look after the scientists, you must keep their secrets safe, but the scientists you are trying to protect are killed and your job completely changes. However you have been badly injured and in order to carry on you need to become mechanically augmented.

There are various enemy squads to defeat, and each has a leader who directs the rest of the team, once you defeat him the rest of his squad cannot continue.

There will be a regenerating health model but also you can use food etc to restore your health.


  • PS3, Xbox360 and PC
  • First-person Role-playing game
  • Choices and consequences


VideoGamer: 90

EuroGamer: 90

IGN: 90

Official Xbox Magazine: 100

1UP: 100

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