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Disney Infinity 2.0 or also known as Disney Infinity Marvel Superheroes is the sequel to the very exciting Disney infinity. This game features the well known and well loved Marvel super heroes from Ironman, Hulk and Thor.

As with the first game you have Playsets. There is the Avengers Playset, The Spider Man Playset and the Guardians of the Galaxy Playset. Your starter pack includes Thor, Ironman and Black widow, but all characters are playable in the toy box mode.

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Disney infinity 2 has 3 main story lines. In the Avengers storyline the main aim is to defeat Loki and to try to stop him rebuilding the casket of ancient winters.

There’s a storyline that centres around Spiderman you will need to try to put a Stop to the Green Goblin’s symbiote invasion.

The final storyline centres around the Guardians of the Galaxy fight with Ronan the accuser and protect Knowhere.

In toybox mode you can customise your characters and you can share your creations.


  • Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U
  • Disney and Marvel characters
  • Playset mode
  • Toy Box mode


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