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Disney infinity is an exciting new platform video game that sees every ones favorite Disney characters come to life. See Mike and Sully jump to life on the screen.

The game is a bit of fun and has lots of different characters from lots of different movies.You can let your imagination run wild with this game. You can play on your own or you can play co-op with your friends.



There are two game modes, toybox and playset.

There are various playset options which are accessed by placing the character play piece onto the infinity base. The play sets are set to a specific theme, so you can play with the characters from that theme but not characters from another theme.

Toy Box mode is where you can create your own game, you can use all the characters you have unlocked from the playset mode to create your own world.

You can share your creations with your friends in Co-op mode.


  • Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii
  • Single player, Co-op
  • Additional playsets available to buy seperately


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