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Fallout 4 is an action role playing video game and is set in an open world setting. It is the fifth game in the fallout game series, and takes place in post-apocalyptic Boston.

Emerging from a bunker 200 years after the great war you are the only survivor of Vault 111. The world you previously lived in with your wife and child is destroyed. What happens next is up to you, but it won’t be easy, as you fight to survive every second counts and the fate of the Wasteland is in your hands.



Vault 111 is somewhere in or near the diamond city region a fortified settlement. Vault 111 is also near to sanctuary hills where the sole survivor is originally from. You have a robot called Codsworth who still lives in Sanctuary Hills.

The gameplay is similar to that of Fallout 3 and Fallout New vegas and has the option to switch between third and first person view.

You obtain a pip-boy (personal information processor) which is a database for your characters personal information. You can use your pip-boy to access maps, items and data.

You can build settlements and buildings. You can build more than one settlement using scrap objects and and structures for resources.

The game has more freedom with no level cap. You can have your own play style, play as an Armoured soldier if you want to. You can upgrade items including weapons and armour. Find yourself in hundreds of different locations throughout this exciting open world game.


  • Xbox One and PS4
  • Third and first person
  • Fallout series
  • Open world


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