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Far cry 3 is a first person shooter open word game. The main character is Jason Brody who is stranded on a tropical island with his girlfriend Liza and friend Doug.

Liza has been kidnapped and Doug has been murdered. As if that that’s not bad enough the whole island is lawless and is ruled by piracy the people who live there find that their only means of escape is through drugs. Jason is trapped in a place that doesn’t know right from wrong.



You play Jason Brody and it is up to you to decide how the game will pan out.
You will find yourself stranded on the island and caught in the middle of the psychotic warlords and the rebels.

You have the ability to shoot enemies who are hiding behind objects, you will be able to perform takedowns by using crouch mode.

Pre order and receive The Lost Expeditions Edition with two extra missions The Forgotten Experiment and Ignition in the Deep. In The Forgotten Experiment Jason is trapped in an old research facility and his only hopes of getting out mean using old experiments and could end up killing him. In Ignition into the Deep Jason is trapped in a WWII silo by pirates can he escape?


  • Online Co-op
  • Multiplayer
  • Pre order Bonus
  • Xbox 360 and PS3


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