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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII which was the first high definition game from the highly popular Final Fantasy series which debuted in 1987.

Set three years after Final Fantasy XIII and just like the previous game, Final Fantasy XIII, this game uses the command synergy battle system.



This is the story of Serah Farron who is trying to stop the end of the world at the same time she is searching for her sister, Lightning (also known as Claire Farron) who is missing.

In this new installment there is a new feature that enables you to control the difficulty of your battles.

This time the monsters are not free to roam the map like in previous games, now they are generated randomly. To work with this there is a new element called Mog Clock, Mog clock means that a clock appears at the bottom of the screen and you receive bonuses and penalties dependant on the time it takes you to defeat the monsters.

Using the Historia Crux system you can jump through different time gates. It allows you to travel to time-space locations, you can travel back hundreds of years or travel into the future.


  • Final Fantasy series
  • PS3, Xbox
  • Limited and standard edition


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