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Forza 5 is the latest release in the highly rated Forza Motorsport series, which has been around since 2005 on the original Xbox. and is consistently rated as one of the very best racing games.

Forza Motorsport 5 takes the series to the next generation on the Xbox One and was built from the outset to take advantage of the advanced power available.



With some of the fastest cars on the planet at your finger tips, Forza 5 puts you in the driving seat. Available exclusively on the Xbox One, Turn 10 bring us the next instalment in the Forza Motorsport Series.

Forza 5 was one of the key games used to reveal the Xbox One, featuring an orange McLaren P1 racing a McLaren F1.

There will be numerous cars and tracks available in the game. Iconic tracks such as Laguna Seca, Indianapolis and Spa-Francorshamps.

Cars available will include standard road cars, souped up racers, classic sports cars and new exotics such as the Pagani Huayra and Ferrari F12. New to the Forza series will be the inclusion of open wheel racing cars past and present.

Forza 5 makes use of an all new graphics engine to deliver the impressive realistic visuals the Forza Motorsport series is renowned for.

You don’t have to play alone, not only does Forza 5 make use of Xbox Live for fast online multiplayer with smart matchmaking, but using the power of the cloud the game has the ability to learn the driving styles of you and your friends.


  • Xbox One
  • Forza Series
  • Next Generation


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