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Forza Motorsport returns with the biggest Forza game so far Forza 4. Featuring the best driving circuits in the world. With some of the world's most exiting cars. Its the first of the Forza series to be Kinect compatible alongside the traditional controller.



Forza the exiting racing game is back, it has some of the traditional features, career mode where you’ll be racing multiple locations.

Playing online you can play with up to 16 players. A new feature is rivals mode, this works whether your friends are online or not, when you beat their score they will be sent a message to let them know although if they beat you you’ll be sent a message too. However you are not limited to beating your friends you can pick anyone on the leader board, you earn more credits the higher up the leader board you go.

You don’t have to play online but it’s more fun and you want to play single player again. For Top Gear fans you get a treat in the form of Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary, and there will be a version of the top gear track in Dunsfold and will feature the plane and the studio.


  • Xbox 360
  • Kinect compatible
  • Multiplayer


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