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Gears of war judgement is a third person shooter video game and is the fourth title in the Gears of war series, and is a prequel to the series.

The game is set before the gears of war trilogy and focuses on the kilo squad lead by Damon Baird and Augustus Cole, Baird and Cole and the kilo squad battle to save Halvo Bay from the attack by the Locust Horde.



The story is seen in a flashback by Damon Baird while he is on trial. It doesn’t just focus on the conflict between Sera and Locust but also focuses on the early kilo squad days.

Each main character in the game is a playable character.

The game introduces a mission declassification system, this means that the challenges that you complete and achievements you unlock may be important to the campaign and how the story plays out. The declassification missions are optional but how you play them will impact the game although the main story will stay the same, the way it is told will change.

The game is playable in single player and online co-op through xbox live. Multiplayer is a free for all and is a battle for survival, if you don’t kill you will be killed.


  • Xbox 360
  • Gears of War Series
  • Single player, co-op and multiplayer


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