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Gran Turismo 6 is the next instalment in the highly popular racing game series, it is the twelfth in the Gran Turismo series.

The games sees seven brand new tracks in thirty three locations, you will find yourself racing on some famous tracks including the silverstone race track.



Gran Turismo is back with Gran Turismo 6. Featuring 1200 cars, from old classic cars to the latest Ferrariā€™s, Lamborghini’s and Bugatti.

The game features course maker from Gran Turismo 5, where you can select a scene and then a course is generated. There is an infinite variation of tracks so you will never get bored of doing the same tracks over and over.

The game boasts a true to life driving experience. You will be able to custom make your own car and race against your competitors.


  • Gran Turismo Series
  • PS3 Only
  • Single and Multi player


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