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Halo: The Master chief Collection is a compilation of the first person shooter video games, Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 for the Xbox One.

Halo: The Master chief Collection brings you all the excitement of the four Halo games in one for the Xbox One. It features the remastered Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary edition and a remastered version of Halo 2.



You can play the whole series from beginning to end or play one of the many missions from any of the four games.

There are 45 campaign missions and over 100 multiplayer missions and it has the original Halo: Combat Evolved maps and Spartan Ops maps. You have access to all your favourite missions and you can easily find them.

In Halo 2 anniversary you can switch between the remastered game and the 2004 game using “classic mode”.

All original multiplayer maps are present and unchanged so they will be just as you remember.


  • Xbox One
  • Single player, multiplayer
  • All 4 halo games in one


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