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Agent 47 returns in Hitman Absolution, he is at the center of a dark conspiracy. The people he trusted betrayed him so now he's out for revenge as a rouge agent and searching for truth.

Set in the united states Hitman Absolution is a stealth third person shooter game and fifth game in he Hitman series. Agent 47 needs to find out who if anyone he can trust.



Hitman Absolution is a game that is great for new players as well as loyal players who have played the previous games, there are five levels of difficulty.

Agent 47 can use shadows to hide in, he can take cover and look around corners. You will be able to choose up to three targets from any level to assassinate and make custom made challenges.

Agent 47 is unable to walk in safety even in disguise as he may be recognised and blow his cover.

Each level has its own objectives and its own achievements to be unlocked, these achievements make a difference to how you eliminate a target or how you use your disguises.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Third person shooter
  • Fifth in the series


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