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Homefront the revolution is single player / multiplayer open world first person shooter video game and it's the sequel to the 2011 game Homefront. Set in a dystopian future.

Homefront the revolution is set after the events of Homefront following protagonist Ethan Brady. The game follows Ethan and the new revolution as they try to take back Philadelphia from the Korean people's army.



Homefront: The Revolution is in an open world setting unlike the 2011 game Home front.

You lead the resistance against a superior military force. Your actions can spark a rebellion and start a revolution. Your enemies have an advantage over you, their weapons are far more advanced than your own, they have armour and air support.

You will have to work hard to learn the art of guerilla warfare, you need to learn to think things through and assess the situation. You need to build the resistance, you have to recruit members, find safehouses and collect weapons.

A new feature is the ability to modify your weapons, and all weapons are finger print locked. You have the option to play single player or online co-op with your friends. Co-op is a four player cooperative multiplayer mode called resistance more.


  • Single player / online multiplayer
  • PS4 and Xbox One
  • First person


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