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Hyrule warriors is a legend of Zelda / Dynasty warriors collaboration, it sees Link from the legend of Zelda a fighting enemies along with many other playable characters.

The kingdom of Hyrule has been besieged by evil forces. Right in the middle of the trouble is Cia who once had great affection for Link, however she now finds her mind under control causing her to bring disaster to the kingdom and finding herself in opposition to Link bringing about a war.



You can play Hyrule Warriors in co-op mode one playing with with the Wii U gamepad and one with playing on the TV screen using Wiimote and nunchuck or Wii U pro controller.

You will be able to upgrade your weapons as you collect Rupees and you can collect Rupees to craft badges which are used to enhance the characters abilities.

As the story progresses you will unlock new playable characters, each playable character has their own unique weapons and their own unique moves. Hyrule warriors plays very similarly to the dynasty warriors series.


  • Wii U
  • Single player/ co-op
  • Playable characters Link, Zelda, Mina and Impa


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