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inFAMOUS: Second Son, is an open world action adventure video game. Part of the infamous video game series. Choose whether you are Hero or Villain, if you are good or evil.

Set seven years after inFAMOUS 2. You get to change the future playing as Deslin Rowe. Deslin Rowe recently found out that he has superhuman powers and is searching for other super humans while surrounded by people who fear them.



You take on the role of Deslin Rowe who is the main protagonist of inFAMOUS: Second Son.

As the game starts Deslin is a 24 year old graffiti artist who finds he has new found powers after saving victims in a bus wreck. Deslin wants to help his community by protesting against the government. The DUP (Department of Unified Protection) have their sights set on Deslin, he could be very powerful as he can absorb other people’s powers.

You don’t have to lock on to shoot you can shoot at will. Some of his powers include smoke, neon and video.


  • PS4
  • inFAMOUS series
  • Open World


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