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What would happen if all the superheroes of the world turned bad? Who would the world turn to? Who would protect us. Find out in this new exciting game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The Joker has committed a terrible crime that has wiped out Metropolis and everyone that Superman loves including his unborn child. Superman snaps and establishes a new world order.



There are a few opposers to Supermans new regime including Batman and some others. The game features tons of well known heroes including Wonder woman, Green lantern and many more.

All the characters have their own individual fighting styles and all have their powers and abilities.

There are two categories of characters power characters who rely on their strength characters like superman, Bane and Wonder Woman. Then there’s the gadget characters who rely on weapons and armour like Batman and Green arrow.

There are some multiplayer modes including one called king of the hill where eight players can watch their rivals while waiting their turn.


  • DC
  • PS3, Xbox 360
  • Multiplayer


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