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Set in LA 1947 after the Second World War. The main character is Cole Phelps (played by Aaron Staton from madmen), returning from the United States Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged shortly before joining the LAPD as a detective. He discovers that LA was a city full of crime and corruption. He starts off as just a normal officer, but quickly gets promoted to detective. His cases include traffic, arson vice and homicide. There are different desks he can choose to work, in each there are six or seven cases. These are based on real events that happened but with the names changed.



L.A. Noire is the latest game from rock star games the makers of the very popular Grand theft auto games and red dead redemption. It is reported to be the most realistic game ever made. It has been made to look more like a film than a game. The characters look real because they are real actors that have been filmed.

In the game there are loads of opportunities to advance your detective career.

Your character gets to search for clues to helping his investigations.
In search mode the music is different and plays until you have found all your evidence. If there is still the jazz music in the background this means that you don’t yet have all the points of interest. There is no need to find all the evidence but if you do it does make things a whole lot easier for you. To help you out a bit there are chimes when you are near interesting items. You may be thrown off track with a few red herrings as not all the points of interest are clues, but this depends on what difficulty you are playing the game on.


  • Who will you trust? Who is telling the truth? And will you accuse the right suspect?
  • This game has been in development for 5 years.
  • LA noire has been filmed using the new MotionScan performance-scanning technology.
  • Features real cases from LA in the 1940’s.
  • There are two levels of difficulty to this game officer and detective.



Telegraph: 90 89

IGN: 85

Total Video Games: 100

Guardian: 100

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