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Lightning returns is an action role playing video game. It is a direct sequel to the game Final Fantasy XIII-2 and is the conclusion to Lightning's story. The game is set 500 years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Lightning returns will feature a new story a new world and characters. The game will contain the whole story and not require DLC. The game also has an enhanced game play system. Unlike the previous game this game has just one ending.



You play the game as Lightning. You can travel freely and run and jump over obstacles, you can also teleport around different areas of the game. There will be various monsters for you to deal with and a lot of them will be new ones that weren’t in the previous games.

The non playing characters will move locations throughout the day and the amount of people milling around will change. on a morning there may not be many characters about but on the evening when they are commuting home from work you will see a lot more.

You can choose to walk between destinations or you can use the monorail too. The more people you rescue the more powerful Lightning will become.


  • Xbox 360 & PS3
  • Final Fantasy series
  • Square Enix


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