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Biowares role-playing experience is back with Mass effect 3. Only commander Shepard can save the earth from an almost unstoppable enemy, the reapers.

The reapers are a highly advanced race, they live in dark space waiting thousands of years for the galaxy to recover then they can come back and attack again. Now the Galaxy is on the verge of destruction again and the only hope is Commander Shepard.

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Mass effect is a really popular role playing game.

This is the third in the trilogy, the exiting conclusion to the story. In Mass Effect 3 you will get to decide who to save or whether or not you want to save them. Not everyone will be saved.

You can choose where you want to explore and who to have an allies, you can choose your own team to help you. Commander Shepard is a character that you can forge in you own image. The choices you make throughout Mass Effect 3 will affect the fate of the planet and the ending of the game.


  • 3rd person shooter
  • PS3, Xbox, PC
  • Final part of the trilogy


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