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When you think Nintendo one of the first things that comes to mind is Super Mario, so it would be wrong for Nintendo to launch a new console without a new Super Mario game.

Mario returns with his friends and his new friend, you! You join Mario as your Mii character. So grab your friends find a sofa and get ready to have some fun with new Super Mario bros.



Play with up to four friends as the game is one to five players. Play 2D Mario racing through levels jumping and grabbing coins and power ups.

You will be able to play on your own or co-op mode. Some routes can only be played with two or more players working together.

Working together is great but you can also have some good light-hearted competition. Challenge mode tests your skills while you fight to get as many coins as you can before your friends. At the end of the level you can watch a replay of the level to see where you went wrong and get strategies for next time you play the level.


  • Wii U
  • Multiplayer
  • Mario!


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