Nintendo 3DS XL


Larger than the standard Nintendo 3DS, the 3DS XL boasts the biggest screen of any Nintendo handheld console, it has some great features, it has a circular control pad, it has three cameras and motion and gyro sensors. It has the duel screens common to the whole DS series. The new 3DS XL has had a facelift and and some improvements. It arrives with new controls, Enhanced processing power Bigger screens and improved 3D viewing.

The dual screens have one at the top that displays the 3D effects and the bottom one is used as a touch screen. You are able to adjust the setting of the 3D screen to whatever you feel comfortable with. Next to the L and R buttons are new controls ZL and ZR buttons and near the A,B,X,Y buttons is a new control stick called the C stick. These new controls make using the internet on the new 3DS much easier.


Remember when handheld gaming was the size of a brick and black and white? Well we have come a long way since then, gone are the days of playing Tetris on the Game Boy, now you can play games using two screens and in 3D, and what’s more you don’t have to wear 3D glasses.

The new 3DS XL comes in two striking metallic colours, Metallic Black and Metalic Blue.

The new 3DS XL has improved CPU performance which speeds up downloads and loading applications eg Miiverse.

The camera has been upgraded. It features automatic brightness adjustment to give you the best view for your surroundings.

The new 3DS XL boasts the biggest screen yet.

There are also games that are unique to 3DS/3DS XL such as Mario, Zelda and Starfox. You wont find these games for any other console.

The 3DS XL is also backwards compatible so you can still play your favorite games without having to have two handheld consoles.


  • Bigger screens
  • Improved battery life
  • 3D gaming
  • Backward compatible
  • New controls


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