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The Nintendo DSi XL is the DSi's bigger brother, all the same great features but with larger screens.
The bigger screen is fantastic and enhances the gamer experience.



There is a version of brain training on the console and has a pen stylus. It has a web browser and a camera. By far the best of the DS family, the DSi XL plays the DS lite games so if you fancy changing to the dsi you won’t need to buy a whole load of new games.


  • Large 4.2″ screens
  • Larger pen stylus
  • Longer battery life

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By: Adele
April 11, 2011 8:50 pm

I have a dsi xl and a ds lite. I much prefer the dsi xl as the screen is bigger. Since getting the dsi xl I have stopped using the lite as I now find it too small. I would highly reccomend the xl.

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