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No Man’s Sky is an action adventure survival video game played in an open world setting. The focus of the game is exploration and survival.

No Man’s Sky is built on four main pillars, they are exploration, survival combat and trading. You play as a planetary explorer exploring an uncharted universe of 18 quintillion planets with endless possibilities.



You will take on the role of a planetary explorer.

While exploring you find out information about the planet that can be shared in The Atlas a universal database that is shared with other players. When you add information to the Atlas you are compensated with in game currency. You can also gain materials and blueprints to upgrade your characters equipment.

You can collect resources from the planets you explore but you will need to be careful, you will draw attention to yourself if you kill too many lifeforms or if you drain too many resources from a planet, if this happens you may catch the attention of self replicating sentinels which will try to kill your character.

Some planets have rare elements which you can sell. Your character can die and if this happens any information not added to the atlas will be lost.


  • Single player
  • Multi player
  • Playstation 4
  • Action adventure / survival


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