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Pikmin 3 is the sequel to popular GameCube game Pikmin 2. Get ready to meet new and returning pikmin and a new crew made especially for the new WiiU console.

After nine years of waiting Pikmin 3 has finally arrived. introducing four new playable characters Alph, Brittany, Charlie and a new captain. Plus 2 new Pikmin, the rock and the winged Pikmin.



Pikmin was a popular game for the GameCube, who didn’t love helping captain Olimar to find the missing bits of his ship and discovering the different species of Pikmin.

There were red Pikmin that could run around and liked to fight, yellow ones that could throw bombs, and the blue ones that had gills and could go under water. When Pikmin 2 arrived, there was even more to discover with underground levels and new Pikmin, a funny little white one that was immune to poison and if eaten they poisoned the creature that ate them. There was a tubby one that could carry as much as 10 Pikmin. The yellows were now immune to electricity. And Pikmin 2 introduced Louie who helped Captain Olimar.

In Pikimn 3 the rock Pikmin can build bridges and knock down walls. The flying Pikmin can carry and lift. There are new scary monsters to defeat, but this time it is more about strategy than just hurling Pikmin willy nilly at the target because that won’t help, for example some creatures may have sensitive points that make them react in different ways. The characters Alph, Charlie and Brittany are from a planet called Koppai, the planet is at risk of a food crisis, the crew were sent to find a planet with food. As always the ship crash lands and the crew and captain are scattered on this strange planet. The captain need to find his crew and save his planet.


  • Wii U
  • Pikmin Series
  • New characters


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