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The Sony PSP Go or PSP-N1000 is the latest in the line of Sony's incredibly sucessful PSP handheld consoles and brings with it improved performance and greater portability.

Aimed at the gamer on the go it will make use of downloadable games and does not feature a UMD drive, this helps keep it compact and combined with a 3.8" screen makes it 15% lighter and 43% smaller than the PSP-3000. Look at our PSP Go prices below.


Sony PSP Go

Aimed at  the gamer on the move who doesn’t want to carry discs everywhere, the PSP Go replaces the UMD drive with 16GB of flash memory expandable to 32GB using a memory stick. Users will be able to access a wide selection of media such as games, movies and tv shows via the PlayStation Store. Gearing up for the launch of the Go on the 1st of October Sony will is increasing the amount of PSP content available on the PlayStation Store this will include games, demos, PS1 games, addons and trailers. The PlayStation Store will be accessible on the PSP Go using the built in Wi-fi, via the PS3 or on PC using the Media Go software application. Aswell as accessing the PlayStation Store on PC, Media Go will allow users to manage their PSP files including games, videos, music and photos. Media Go will come bundled on CD-ROM included with the PSP Go.


The PSP Go is smaller and lighter than all previous versions, designed to be compact, it features an innovative sliding 3.8″ LCD display that slides up to reveal the familiar PSP controls. At 128x69mm it’s 43% smaller than the PSP-3000 and 56% smaller than the PSP-1000 making it truly pocket sized, this will allow gamers to enjoy their favourites games and media anywhere. The Go will be available in Piano Black or Pearl White.

By: edencahill
September 24, 2012 9:27 pm

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