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Quantum break is a single player third person shooter action adventure video game,featuring digital episodes that run alongside the game and interact with the game based on the choices made throughout the game.

Time has broken and needs fixing. Fight through disasters through a time that stutters. The only way to survive this unstable world is to master new time powers.



Quantum break features a dramatic story following Jack Joyce a man with time manipulation powers. A failed time machine experiment head caused time to fracture. You play as Jack Joyce in his mission to fix time.

Jack can freeze time temporarily, this can help him to escape attacks. Jack also has to fight against his once friend now enemy Paul Serene to stop him ending time altogether. There are time stutters that cause time to jerk about these time stutterers happen at any time causing chaos and disaster to strike. You will need to navigate the stutters well otherwise they will claim you as their victim.

There is also a parallel live action series that runs with the game, the game is all about the heroes and the series is about the villains your gaming decisions will affect both. The series is 4 episodes long all 22 minutes each but will help you understand the game.


  • Xbox One
  • Single player
  • Action adventure third person shooter


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