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Recore is an upcoming action adventure third person shooter video game set in the future. The game follows one of the last remaining humans in a world overrun with robotic foes trying to destroy you.

You play as Joule Adam the survivor of a cataclysm, she embarks on a journey from Earth to a place known as ‘Far Eden’ to build a new home for mankind.



Far Eden was going to a paradise where the corebot and humans could live together in peace and build a new future. Unfortunately things haven’t worked out and Joule has been in cryo-sleep for centuries.

Joule has four robot companions ready to help her. Your enemies are different colours and your ammunition is also colour coded the best ammunition to you is the one that corresponds with the enemies e.g blue ammunition works best on the blue enemies etc.

There are many foes for you to defeat including bosses, your corebot will help you with their unique abilities. You are able to customise your corobots and showcase them online with other players.


  • Single player
  • Xbox One
  • Action adventure platform


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