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Remember me is set in the year 2084 in Neo Paris a futuristic paris. A city dominated by a company called Memorize that manipulates and shares people's memories.

The game follows Nilin who was employed by Memorize as a memory hunter who specializes in stealing and altering memories, she finds herself on the run after having her memories wiped by her employers.



Set in a world where people can upload and share peoples memories on the net, made possible by a brain implant made by a mega corporation. Memorize has made an implant that goes into the brain called the sensation engine also known as Sensen. About 99% of the population can share their memories.

There is a rebel group called Errorists who are trying to bring down Memorize. There are also mutants that became addicted to uploading memories and now their implants have degraded and they are living in the sewers under Neo-paris.

Nilin forms an alliance with the Errorists and tries to form a plan to bring down Memorize and to recover her memories.

As you play you have to try and steal memories from specific targets and play back the memories in real time.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Unreal Engine
  • 3rd Person


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