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Ten years after the events of raccoon city the virus they have been fighting for so long has now spread worldwide. President Adam Benford decides that he needs to reveal the truth.

While waiting for his friend Leon to arrive, the venue where the President is about to make his announcement suffers a bioterrorist attack. When Leon arrives at the scene he finds a president who is unrecognizable and nowhere is safe.



As the player you select the scenario to play, you have a choice of three all with connected storylines and three sets of characters, Leon and Helena, Chris and Piers or Jake and Sherry. Whoever you choose they will have their own abilities.

There is also another storyline that you unlock if you finish the first three storylines.

Resident evil 6 uses the over the shoulder view as used in Resident evil 4 and 5. Characters will also be able to roll and crawl and while shooting. You can turn your enemies weapons against them too.


  • Xbox 360, PS3, PC
  • Hugely popular franchise
  • Single player
  • Online Co-op


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