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Resistance 3 is set in 1957, it follows the struggle of the remaining human survivors against the alien invaders. It follows on from the popular PS3 game Resistance 2. Resistance 3 will support 3D and the Playstation Move.



4 years after resistance 2 you take over as Joseph Capelli. Joseph has been discharged from the service and is no longer fighting the chimeran. He has gone into hiding with his wife and son. This is where Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrives. Joseph capelli must leave his family behind and journey to New York City. Hale is gone but not forgotten, despite Hale’s death at the end of Resistance 2 he is still able to help people with a vaccine that has been developed from his blood, Dr Fyodor developed the vaccine from a sample o Hale’s blood that he took when Hale died, he found antibodies in blood. The vaccine cures people from the virus and also make the survivors immune to it.


  • PS3
  • Multiplayer


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