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Saints row 3 is the third installment of the Saints row series. The player controls the leader of Third street saints, this installment focuses on the gang war between the rival groups the saints and the Syndicate. Saints row 3 is a sandbox-style game, so you can explore the surroundings separately form the games objective.



After defeating the Stilwater gangs the saints have become national superstars. They have their own range of energy drinks, clothing and a fan base.

The saints try to rob a bank but end up in prison and discover the bank was owned by the syndicate. The leader of the syndicate captures Johnny Gat and tries to negotiate a business plan, a gunfight ensues and leaves us to wonder is Johnny Gat still alive? The saints have to relocate to the city Steelport because the syndicate is in control of Stilwater.

In the previous saints row games you could approach all the gangs separately and with separate storylines that worked towards the final story, but this time it doesn’t work like that. The story’s of each gang are now connected and decisions made earlier in the will affect the ending. The game has an open ended storyline, and the missions can be completed various ways.


  • PS3, Xbox 360 & PC
  • Third person shooter
  • multiplayer


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