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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is an action adventure video game, it is the third title in the rebooted Tomb raider series. It is the sequel to Rise of the Tomb raider.

The game takes place after Rise of the Tomb raider. Lara croft is on the search for a Mayan relic that connects her to her late father. Lara travels to Mexico and then to Peru to try to stop an apocalyptic event however instead of stopping it she manages to cause it, accidentally killing innocent people. Lara blames herself

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Shadow of the Tomb raider is an action adventure game played in third person perspective.

There have been some adjustments to gameplay from the previous game Rise of the Tomb raider, the swimming controls have been revised so now Lara is able to hold her breath underwater for longer periods of time. Lara is also able to scale down the side of a cliff using a rope. She can hunt wild animals, she can craft materials using the resources she collects while solving puzzles and exploring optional tombs

The game features various terrains to explore from underwater environments with deep tunnels systems to Jungle settings. Lara needs to use the jungle to to her advantage, she can use mud to camouflage himself to hide from enemies. Explore deadly tombs and filled with puzzles.


  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Single player
  • Action adventure


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