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After a 4 year break the suspense is over, Soul Calibur returns with Soul Calibur V. The latest in the Soul Calibur series takes place 17 years after Soul Calibur IV in the seventeenth century.

With Stunning 3D imaging, some fantastic new characters and new maneuvers makes Soul Calibur 5 an exiting new installment of the Soul Calibur series.



The sixth main game in Namco’s Soul series of beat em ups.

In Soul Calibur 5 we see new heroes and some returning warriors.

Some of the returning characters are Hildegard von Krone the princess of the kingdom of Wolfkrone. She wields a short sword and a spear, Tira the loyal servant of Soul edge. Voldo, a blind and mute man, and many more, they fight against the new heroes in a battle of good and evil.

We focus on Patroklos, son of Sophitia Alexandra in Soul Calibur 5 it’s a tale showing how the destiny gets intertwined with the Soul and swords.


  • Fighting game
  • PS3, Xbox
  • Singleplayer, multiplayer


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