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Spec Ops: The Line is a third person shooter set in Dubai. Captain Martin Walker and the Delta force are sent to post catastrophe Dubai in an attempt to rescue the lost U.S. army colonel John Konrad who has been left behind in Dubai.

Most of Dubai is covered by sand after a catastrophic sandstorm. Most people were evacuated but some were left behind. One who was left behind was John Konrad the colonel and one of the founding members of the Delta Squad.



Konrad and his squad refused to leave the training facility they were in to stay behind and protect the citizens who couldn’t evacuate. The army fears that Konrad and his men are dead but then they eventually pick up a weak distress signal.

Spec Ops: The Line is focused on the natural sandstorms of Dubai which means that the terrain is always changing throughout the game, sandstorms will open up or close paths and they will happen with no warning a and the severity will change.

As you progress you will gain access to better and more advance weapons this will make your goals easier.

Spec Ops: The Line also has a multiplayer mode.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Single player, Multi player
  • Third person tactical shooter


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