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Star trek is a third person action adventure game, exploring strange new lands and new civilizations. Putting Kirk and Spock together to save the galaxy.

Based on the rebooted star trek by JJ Abrams in the new star trek universe. Visit mysterious planets featuring dense jungles and treaturous rocks and explore space aboard the Enterprise.



Everyone who knows Star Trek knows the phrase to explore strange new worlds… well you will get the opportunity to do that as you play this exciting new game.

This exciting new game sees Spock and Kirk team up in a new co-op experience. Kirk and Spock have two differing styles of play, Kirk is more of a shooter whereas Spock uses stealth techniques but both Kirk and Spock can use the Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld.

The enemies in this game are the Gorn, who attack the Vulkan colony. You have to play alongside your partner in order to save the galaxy. You will have access to upgraded weapons and phasers.


  • Single player, Co-op
  • PS3, Xbox 360
  • JJ Abrams


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