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Star Wars Battlefront is an upcoming first and third person shooter video game AND is based on the star wars films. The game is developed by Electronic Arts andDICE.

Star wars battlefront can be played either first or third person perspective, and you can switch between third person and first person view during gameplay. You are able to visit planets from the original Star wars trilogy.



The game is restricted to the Galactic Civil War era.

Star Wars Battlefront does not feature a single player campaign but does however feature a series of co-op missions that can be played alone, online or in splitscreen mode, there will also be an offline split screen mode.

You have the option to play as exciting hero or villains including Luke Skywalker or Darth vader. The weapons, characters, loadouts and power ups are customisable.

You can fight on iconic planets and rise through the ranks as the rebellion or the Galactic empire. The missions you can play include, Battles, Training, Hero Battles and survival.

The largest modes are Walker Assault and supremacy, these modes allow up to 40 players up to 20 per team in a single match. Walker Assault is based on a rush game mode where the rebels attempt to defend their base meanwhile the Empire’s AT-AT’s attack. Supremacy is based on a conquest mode and is a ten minute match with five control points for the team to capture, each team starts with two.


  • PS4 and Xbox one
  • Single player & multiplayer
  • First and third person
  • Action shooter


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