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Starcraft II: Heart of the swarm is the first expansion pack for the popular game Starcraft II wings of liberty. It has 20 campaign missions.

The queen of blades, Sarah Kerrigan is gone has been returned to her human state. Sarah had been a psychic terran female, with the help of Jim Raynor she has been restored as a human.



The swarm has been fractured and scattered throughout the Koprulu sector without it’s queen. The galaxy’s thereat has been neutralised or has it?

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is set after the previous game in the year 2506, you play as Sarah Kerrigan in her human state. As you progress throughout the game you will gain strength and get new capabilities.

You will be able to play multiplayer with new and enhanced units giving you the opportunity to make the best battle choices. There is a new shape shifting replicant introduced by the Protoss race and they can turn into any non-massive unit in your line of sight.

In this expansion pack there are new features in the game including customisations, multiplayer replays and new maps.


  • PC
  • Starcraft 2 Expansion
  • Multi player


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