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Sunset Overdrive is an open world third person shooter videogame exclusively for the Xbox One. With up to eight player online co-op. Set in the fictional metropolis Sunset city in the year 2027.

The majority of the population of Sunset city have been turned into toxic mutants. For a lot of the population this is devastating. A contaminated energy drink has recently been released from the company you work for Fizzco, and now there are mutants everywhere.



You can customise your character, you can be male or female, you can chose your body type and your clothes.

There are twists and turns through the game surprising you, as you try to save Sunset city.

Sunset Overdrive is also co-op so you can play with up to seven of your friends.

There is a whole array of weapons available to defeat the mutants including the TNT teddy bear, a weapon that fuses teddy bears and a stick of dynamite. There’s also the dude gun a gun that shoots bouncing bowling balls.


  • Xbox One
  • Single player/ multi player
  • Online co-op


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