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Skyrim is the 5th game in this really popular exiting series. The elder scrolls is a hugely popular game for the pc but is also available for the major consoles. It is set 200 years after oblivion but is not its sequel.



There is a civil war that started after the king was assassinated.

The God Alduin is in the form of a dragon is here to destroy the world. You must save Skyrim from destruction from Alduin. The civil war is foretold in the elder scrolls as was the return of Alduin. You play as an unknown prisoner on their way to death row.

You are free to explore Skyrim, you can walk about or go on horseback. Skyrim has five Cities to explore and a lot of smaller towns. All the cities have their own economies, you can help the economy by doing jobs or you can destroy the economy by sabotaging industrial buildings.


  • PC, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Action role playing
  • Single player, first person


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