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The last guardian is a single player action adventure puzzle video game set in a strange mystical land, featuring a young boy who befriends a half bird half mammal creature called Trico. The last guardian is an exclusive to Playstation 4.

The game follows a young boy who befriends a creature who is half bird half mammal, they form a deep unbreakable bond. The young boy and Trico depend on each other as the navigate dangerous and treacherous ruins.

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The last guardian is played in third person perspective. The story is told as looking back through the eyes of an old man in a flashback.

The flashback shows that the young boy has been kidnapped in mysterious circumstances and is in a large castle. You play as the young boy who has to communicate with the creature and care for it by feeding it and removing spears or arrows stuck in its body.

You can climb and ride Trico. As the game progresses you will learn how to better command Trico this happens while performing tasks. The way Trico behaves will be influenced by how you treat him.


  • Playstation 4 exclusive
  • Single player
  • Action adventure


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