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The last of us is a third person action adventure survival horror video game set in future with no hope. Set in post apocalyptic United States the last of us follows two survivors of a horrible fungus that has wiped out millions of people.

The survivors are an adult man called Joel and a young child called Ellie. The game takes place 20 years after a fungus has killed millions of people and the survivors are in quarantine under the watchful eye of the united states military.



Joel a black marketeer finds himself making a promise to an old friend to take his 14 year old daughter away from the quarantine zone to a resistance group who are known as the fireflies.

Joel and Ellie have to find their way through scavengers and infections.

You play as Joel, Ellie is played by the AI. You will fight off infected humans and other survivors who are not infected but are hostile to you. You have to work together with Ellie in order to survive because food, weapons and supplies are hard to come by. You will need to learn to fight, to scavenge and to make your own weapons. You will compete against other survivors in a land where nature has taken over.

You won’t just be fighting against other survivors though you will have to fight against the infected, as you get better the enemies will adapt to your fighting style.


  • PS3 Exclusive
  • From developer Naughty Dog
  • Multi player


IGN: 100

GameSpot: 80

EuroGamer: 100

Games Radar: 100

Giant Bomb: 100

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