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Thief returns with its fourth game in the series and returns as a reboot of the original Thief series. You play as Garrett, the protagonist from all the thief games, he has a strong sense of self interest and survival, he is a master thief and wants to steal from the rich.

The city that Created and defined Garrett has been threatened which means that he has to step up and and find out the truth before it is too late and his world is torn apart.

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Garrett has a strong sense of pride in his profession. Despite saying he isn’t a murderer he usually kills on the job.

The progress of the game is dependant on the choices that you make. There are many different paths you can choose. As you progress through the levels the non playable characters try to flush Garrett out and try to kill him.

The rich are prospering but the poor and unfortunate face misery repression, famine and sickness. You will be able to explore the city from its rooftops and back alleys, and search the heavily guarded mansions of the rich.


  • Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 & PS3
  • Thief series
  • Stealth gameplay


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