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Tom Clancy’s rainbow six siege is a first person shooter video game. It is a game inspired by Counter terrorist activities. Rainbow six is a video game franchise that has been about since 1998. rainbow six siege focuses on environmental destruction.

You are an Operative for the Rainbow team, a team in the Counter terrorist unit. Every operative has differences including different nationalities, different abilities and use different equipment. Each side has access to a recruit who is customisable, you can customise their gears and gadgets to suit your needs. You play matches as one of the classes, once you decide on one of the classes you are not able to swap throughout the matches.



The rainbow programme has been reactivated several years after being deactivated, there is a new leader known as six.

You play as a rainbow six operator facing a new enemy called The White Masks who are causing chaos across the world.

For the first time in the Rainbow Six series you will engage in sieges. You are able to transform your environment into strongholds. You are able to plan your attack before your match begins. The time you are allowed for you matches is short.

The game will have a co-operative mode called Terrohunt. You can play every level solo or co-operatively. You will not be able to respawn during campaigns once you have been killed by enemies.

You are now able to destroy environments, shattering walls and breaching ceilings and floors.


  • Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Single player
  • Multi player
  • First person tactical shooter


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